IWA Program Evaluation

The Center for Evaluation and Assessment (CEA) conducts evaluation and process monitoring for the Iowa Watershed Approach by providing formative feedback to the IWA partners and annual reports to the funding agency to describe progress and outcomes. CEA documents the work of IWA through interviews and surveys with partners and stakeholders, meeting observation, and document reviews. In addition, CEA coordinates all activities with Dr. Larry Weber, University of Iowa, as the principal investigator of IWA and frequently consults a set of IWA partners to advise in the content and processes of the evaluation.

Lead Contacts


Each year CEA submits annual reports to the IWA principal investigator and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development documenting their evaluation of IWA. The links below are the executive summaries for each of the project years to date. If you would like to see a full version of any of the reports please email the CEA at coe-cea@uiowa.edu.