Breanna Shea

Public Relations Coordinator

Breanna assists with communications and outreach for the Iowa Watershed Approach and serves as an effective and knowledgeable liaison between Iowa Flood Center researchers, IWA partners, and external partners.

English River running through woodlands

The city of Kalona is hiring a project coordinator for the English River Watershed to help manage the Iowa Watershed Approach. Applications due February 8, 2017.

The Iowa Watershed Approach Information System (IWAIS) has been created as an on-going development process for the nine watersheds targeted for the IWA. The IWAIS incorporates flood and water-related data of the nine watersheds enabling users to visualize and customize watershed-specific information. Click the launch button on the IWA website home page or visit to discover more!

Canoeing in the Middle Cedar River

Benton County seeks a self-motivated, experienced Watershed Project Coordinator to oversee development and execute implementation of the Middle Cedar watershed management plan. Applications due December 23!